Our Mission: To foster and develop peacemakers through modeling, mentoring, storytelling and dialogue.

Peacemakers stand up and say there is an alternative to violence, and that violence is not acceptable.

We help children deconstruct stereotypes, learn about people different from them and resolve conflict in a healthy way.  Peacemakers are positive role models who support and encourage children to build the skills necessary to grow up healthy and succeed academically, socially and personally. We teach, men and boys, women and girls, new ways of being and doing. Peacemakers resist the sense of powerlessness which violence brings to our community.

The Men As Peacemakers’ story enables a man to reflect his personal value for peace, share the challenges of living a nonviolent life, take responsibility for preventing violence and redefine what it is to be strong.

Organizational History

Organizational History

In the early 1990´s Duluth suffered a series of awful murders, all of them committed by men. The community expressed its outrage and a large group of citizens began to work on efforts to decrease the violence. In meeting after meeting the people involved were almost always women. A few men showed up, but they […]

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Peacemaking men stand up and say there is an alternative to violence, and that violence is not acceptable. They help children develop the assets they need – positive values, family structure, and role models – to grow up healthy. They teach men and boys new ways of being and of doing. Peacemaking men resist the […]

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Courage Peacemaking is a way of life for courageous people. Friendship Peacemaking seeks to win friendship and understanding. People Peacemaking seeks to defeat violence, not people. Respect Peacemaking seeks to resolve conflict respectfully. Love Peacemaking chooses love instead of fear. Having been part of the problem, men need to be part of the solution.

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Why We’re Unique

Why Men as Peacemakers? Men commit most of the violence in our community, but have been a small part of the solution. Men as Peacemakers is changing that by getting men off the sidelines and involved in making peace. Is Men as Peacemakers unique? Yes. We are the only men’s organization in the North Country […]

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